Driven by entrepreneurship passion, he founded the Solalina Investment Group in his 20s and has grown the company into a multi-diverse investment portfolio with other subsidiary companies like; Strong Ideas and Restitute. These businesses cover sectors including oil and gas, construction, agriculture, transportation, and advertising, all which are managed under the Modickson Trust – the parent company of all his business interest. He is also the managing solicitor of TRIAX Solicitors, a niche practice law firm.

In 2015, Moses stepped down as CEO of his companies, assuming the role of the chairman of the board. He has built a reputation for himself as a serial entrepreneur and recently is investing in the value exchange market with recently launched location-based online platform for hiring freelance and getting freelance jobs. He is also, among other business pursuits, exploring interest in the cab-hailing business in less saturated markets as Lagos and Abuja.

Today, Solalina investment Group and its subsidiary companies employ over 100 people, while empowering thousands through the Gold coast foundation. The group currently operates from its headquarters in Bayelsa state and a branch office in Abuja.