He is passionate about creating wealth, as he is about actions that stimulate lasting and impactful change. Therefore with the launch of the Gold Coast foundation, Moses sought to create a framework, one that would combine traditional charity and business acumen to drive self-sufficiency among young people. Wholly self-funded, the Gold Coast Foundation aims to provide access to basic needs for the underprivileged, while also empowering young people with skills for self-sufficiency.

The foundation is dedicated to three core areas which include Health, education and strategic youth development. This is based on Moses’ believe that these three areas provide the core of empowered living. The foundation programmes are currently focused on the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria.

As its founder, Moses galvanizes both local and international support for the foundation’s activities, while also incorporating all his companies’ corporate social responsibilities to support the foundation programmes and projects.

Read more about the motivation behind his philanthropic activities on the GoldCoast Developmental Foundation’s website here